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Does Size Matter?

What should worry the man in sex more than the size of his penis?

Penis size is one of the most debated topics in sex. However, numerous studies and polls show that penis size does not affect the fact what the partner is thinking about your abilities in bed. In other words, the length of your penis doesn’t affect the quality of your sex life, as your anxiety and doubts about the size.

“This can become a problem when guys pay too much attention to this problem, the best way is to look for new ways to please your partners,” says David Frederick, associate professor of health psychology at Chapman University.

Below you can find the facts about the size of the penis by David Frederick, that should help you get rid of your doubts.

Recently, British researchers combined data of 20 studies on the size of the penis comparing 15.000 penises of men aged 17 years and older. The researchers conducted all the measurements. The average length of the flaccid penis – 6.6 cm and 13 cm while erection. They discovered a correlation between the stretched penis length and erection length, but there is no connection between the length of the penis and testicles size, age or size of the foot.

Another study was conducted with the help of 323 students of high schools of the Scottish universities. The study examined the number of orgasms per month, how they felt, depending on the length of the penis, and how it affected the quality of their orgasms, as well as what their personal preferences for the length of the partner’s penis. Most of the girls noted that the weight of the partner has more value than the length of the penis. The girls looked at naked men with flaccid penises and in the state of erection. It was noted that women pay more attention to the ratio of the size of the hips and shoulders, then the length of the penis. Before they were asked about the length of the penis and their preferences, they did not even pay attention to this factor.

However, the majority of men are unhappy with the size of their penis.

As shown in several studies, many of the male clients of Dr. Frederick are unhappy with the size of their penis. This psychological problem can affect overall physical condition and their ability to have a quality and satisfying sex life.

“Only a few heterosexual men can ever see other people with erect penises, if they do not work in the pornography industry, where the size of the penis is completely different than in real life,” – says Frederick.

We must be guided by common principles and standards, and not try to hold on to television sexual giants of the porn industry. Satisfying your partner must excite a man more than the size of his penis.