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Deluxe Casual – Rolex watch for everyday use




If you have enough class to purchase Rolex, but not sure about wearing it daily, then you should try casual classics – Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date, or as it is known -Submariner.

This ultimate model was introduced in 1953 and was originally designed as a perfect diver`s watch – it was one of the first water resistant watches with resistance of 100 meters, enormous result for that time. Through decades it became one of iconic Rolex timepieces and definitely the most purchasable one. It`s water resistance raised to 300 meters and without any doubt it`s still a genuine timepiece for water lovers.

The original 1953 Rolex Submariner was just 37 mm wide and was one of the smallest day watches on the market. It has evolved with time to 40 mm which is now larger than medium by most watch standards. Nevertheless, due to wide lugs, which extend from the top to the bottom of the wrist, the watch feels truly natural. The Oyster bracelet for Submariner is equipped with a signature glide lock, perfect for making micro adjustments for precise fit throughout the day.  The watch has a rotating ceramic bezel which can be turned and measures time up to 60 minutes long. The case back is clear, – another famous Rolex feature.

Rolex-Sub-2010-21Aside from being very comfortable, Submariner has a versatile style. It is produced from elegant steel or superior gold and is available in black, blue or green color.

This legendary timepiece was developed for masses. This is a classic sport watch, that will go well both with jeans and black tie. It combines legibility and functionality and it is meant to be worn. It is incredible how Submariner`s design remained close to its primary variation. Due to modesty, functionality and swiss quality, Submariner is the most demanded Rolex of all times, it is a common watch among those, who adore simplicity and class.