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Celebrity Sex

Celebrities always carefully hide the details of their personal life if not to mention more spicy details. But sometimes they lift the veil of secrecy and openly tell the public about their passions.

If you’re interested to know how “it” happens with stars and which intimate tricks you can learn from famous people – you are welcome. We have compiled only the most interesting and naughty erotic recognitions.

Eva Longoria
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Who would have thought that the cute and petite Gabrielle Solis from “Desperate Housewives”… likes being tied up! According to Eva, it’s not about the attributes and all sorts of “toys”. Eva likes when her beloved has unlimited power over her. She thinks that being submissive is alluring and sexy. Her husband has his own point of view on perfect sex life. He studies the wisdom of the French language. Probably he wants to surprise Eva with declarations of love and beautiful catchwords in the language of the Romantics.

The secret of the star: the main thing in the sex appeal of the actress is a Brazilian wax. The smooth, soft as velvet skin will not leave anyone indifferent. So it’s Brazilian depilation and binding – why not to treat yourself to?

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a Hollywood star known as an experienced coquette. She never ceases to flirt. She says that you cannot hide or repress your sexuality. She also is against all kinds of simulations in bed. After all, even the most skillful pretense is nowhere near to real feelings and sensations. Cameron Diaz has many broken men’s hearts on her account – Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, Paul Skalfor, Alex Rodriguez. So it can safe to follow the advice.

Tip from the star: if believe in your uniqueness and sexuality, then you can seduce any man. Confident, loving her body woman emanates a special charm, a magnet attracting men of all ages. You can decide if to be a fatal beauty or seductive prude.

Dita Von Teese

Burlesque queen believes that every woman has to find her own sexual image, in which she will feel confident and seductive. But this image has to be purely individual. You can not feel sexy while copying the majority. And if you do not feel yourself sexy, then your man won’t feel ether. It is hard to believe, but even such stars like Dita Von Teese has the complexes and insecurities. Make-up and a set of expensive clothes help her feel sexy and desired.

Tip from the star: find your sexy image, in which you will feel cherished, loved and incredibly sexy. Red lipstick, black lace panties, black patent leather high heels or any other accessories will come in handy. The main thing is that they help you to express your true sexual identity.

Kate Beckinsale
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British actress Kate Beckinsale spends a lot of time away from her husband. But this is not a hindrance for their happiness and strong marriage. The pair made a bet on new technologies and it was the right decision. In an interview, Kate admitted that she and her husband often indulge each other in virtual sex.

Tip from the star: the separation is not a reason to quench your hunger for sex with a stranger. The days when lovers could correspond only by pigeon mail have passed. Webcam with high resolution, an hour of free time, access to the Internet, seductive lingerie set, rhythmic music, a little striptease for your lover – and he will be in seventh heaven. Virtual sex will never be boring, if you really want your partner. All you need is a little bit of imagination.

Pamela Anderson

In an interview, Pamela Anderson has mentioned her main secret of a happy sex life. The main attribute of the star in the bedroom is a pole for a striptease. The star said that initially the pole was just a fun element of decor. But once danced a lap dance to her husband, Pamela was pleasantly surprised. Moreover, strip dance has not only a decorative function. This is a great workout for the abs, buttocks, thighs and arms.

The secret of the star: a strip. Do not hurry to run to the store in search of the pole. Start with a lightweight version – play with your partner seductive stripper and a client. Carefully watch for his reaction, which movements excite him. A little practice and the title of the queen of sex is in your pocket.

Megan Fox

The star of the “Transformers” movie has admitted that she’s a real nympho. She says that sex is a real drug for her. In an interview, the star said she has a voracious sexual appetite: “I have the libido of a teenage boy – Megan said. – I prefer to have sex, rather than to go for a walk.” Megan Fox calls hypocrites all those people who think that sexual liberation is something bad. The actress believes that women are cunning, when they say that men want sex more. But, despite this position, Fox is quite legible in relationships. “Sex with random people is not for me. There must be feelings in order to enjoy.”

Scarlett Johansson
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The actress admitted that she always gets everything she wants in terms of sex. Scarlett just loves sex in unusual places. “I love sex in a car”, – she shared her intimate.

Tip from the star: spontaneous sex is the best means to enhance sexual degrees. If your partner desires to make love in the elevator, in a car or on a walk – do not resist him. This diversity will only strengthen your sexual relationship.

Halle Berry

The star of the “X-Men” movie and part-time Catwoman, admitted that wears suits of super heroines not only at work. Dressing and role-playing games support the relationships. Variety helps Halle to support the passion and desire. What can prevent you from following the piece of advice from Catwoman? Your lover will definitely love a sexy suit, because we all know that men love with their eyes.