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Cancer Symptoms That Men Ignore

We all know that disease prevention is better than cure. In the case of cancer the truth is the following sentence – the sooner it will be recognized, the more chance of staying alive. However, when it comes to their own health, men are surprisingly careless. “It will pass” – that is their motto.
All these symptoms are dangerous because each of them can mean the appearance is not just cancer. But this is not a reason to ignore them and hope that “everything will pass” – rather the opposite. Are you out of laziness and unwillingness can’t spend even let a few days at the doctor and tests to play “Russian roulette” and go to the other world – to leave your family, children, parents who love you, depend on you and rely on you? We believe and hope that is not true.

1. Indigestion or stomach pain

One of the first signs of colon and liver cancer is regular indigestion and abdominal pain. Its appearance is also often recalled from leukemia patients – in this case, as in the case of liver cancer, pain was observed in the left abdomen. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, the regular abdominal pain – a sign of the huge number of diseases, so that those who feel exactly the same (that is – a huge amount) are to see a doctor immediately.

2. A chronic burning and heaviness in the stomach even after a sandwich

The most common symptom of stomach cancer – a constant burning after a meal, as well as the occurrence and severity of “full stomach” even after a light snack. The most dangerous thing about this is that burning sensation can be easily removed with the help of coal – it strengthens the patient in the opinion that this pain is no more than “acid riot.” Perhaps this is why stomach cancer is called the “silent killer.”

3. The sudden and causeless weight loss

No one can just lose weight without putting some effort to it, without changing diet or lifestyle. Therefore, abrupt loss of extra kilos in a situation where nothing has changed in your lifestyle – it’s always a reason to seek medical advice immediately. Most often (in relation to the types of cancer) suddenly lose weight, those in whom already settled colorectal cancer and, in rare cases, liver.

4. Jaundice

Pancreatic cancer – another “silent killer” often manifests itself in such a painless and therefore ignored by many men, phenomenon of jaundice – the skin and the whites of the eyes turn yellow, the color of urine becomes brown, and the color of feces – clay. By the way, can occur simultaneously scabies, often comes first, scabies, and then – jaundice.

5. Breath whistling, or shortness of breath

One of the first signs of lung cancer crept – clear violations of breath, especially the constant shortness of breath, inability to come even on the third floor on foot and breath with a whistle. Men tend to begin thinking about “defective” cigarettes (if smoke) or the appearance of asthma to be the reason, but it is not asthma. By the way, even if these symptoms is not lung cancer, you still need to run to the doctor, as they are also a sign of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and a host of heart disease.

6. Chronic cough or chest pain

The symptoms of some types of cancer, including lung cancer and leukemia, disguised as symptoms of bronchitis. How do you know that this cough – not bronchitis? When lung cancer cough emerging “comes and goes”, seems to be no reason at all. In addition, some patients with lung cancer remember that “started it all” with regular chest pain that spreads to the shoulders and arms.

7. Frequent infections and fever

Doctors often begin to suspect leukemia or cancer of the blood is too late, only after the patient complains of a long time continued indiscriminate rise in temperature and signs of a cold (even in summer). Blood cancer originates in the bone marrow and causes that create an abnormal number of white blood cells that suppress the body’s natural ability to resist disease and make it permanently include protective mechanisms (primarily by increasing body temperature).

8. Problems with swallowing

Difficulty swallowing – one of the first signs of cancer of the larynx, esophagus and sometimes lung cancer. Patients with these terrible diseases often remember that it all started with the fact that it was hard to swallow, a chest appears to regularly feel “stuck a piece” and they constantly wanted to clear his throat. No magic in these symptoms is not just the esophagus or throat begins to shrink under the influence of the tumor.

9. Chronic heartburn

Eat some unhealthy spicy foods like pizza? Heartburn expected. But if you experience it regularly, if not after every meal – something was wrong in the Danish kingdom. More often talk about cancer at this stage does not go… and talking about gastroesophageal reflux disease, which in turn can lead to a state of “Barrett’s esophagus”, but what if it is already close to the esophageal cancer – a very dangerous, very painful, and ” uncomfortable “cancer.

10. Swelling and redness of the skin

Lung cancer is often manifested as a regular member swelling and redness of the skin. The reason is simple – small pieces of lung tumors spread through the circulatory system, and here and there are blocking blood flow, preventing normal blood flow.

11. Pain in the back

Pain in the back means so much, that it seems easier to write symptoms of what it is not. But the unexpected (without exercise) male pain in the upper back – one of the symptoms of lung cancer, and its arrival in the lower back may be an indication of prostate cancer.

12. Painful swollen lymph nodes

The fact that the lymph nodes in the neck or armpits sometimes increasing are not that fine, but naturally. In most cases, it only means that the body is struggling with some kind of infection, often this struggle doesn’t show itself, particularly in young strong men. However, it can simultaneously be a symptom of various types of cancer, such as thyroid cancer, head or throat. What is the difference? A key sign of an abnormal increase in the lymph nodes is their tenderness and firmness to the touch. Normally infection-fighting lymph nodes do not interfere with its master, and soft to the touch.

13. Excessive bruising or bleeding can’t be stoped

Abnormally large bruises are an extremely disturbing sign that there is something is not right with  red blood cells. For example, a settled leukemia. It should also pay attention to bleeding gums after brushing your teeth, or worse, the appearance of bruising under the nail.

14. Allocation of blood from the anus

“I thought it was hemorrhoids” – say the patients who in fact have colon cancer or bowel. Everyone must hack to death on your nose – blood in the stool or a discharge of blood from the anus – it is always, in 101% of cases an occasion to consult with a doctor immediately.

15. Difficulty in passing urine or change in its character

Failure to “start” at a time when everything is ready (unless you’re in a public restroom), too weak stream, uncontrolled start and stop, do any sudden and drastic changes in the process of urination are very common symptoms of prostate cancer. Too frequently, so they can be with a clear conscience to ignore.

16. Pain or burning sensation when urinating

The trouble is that most men do not know that prostate cancer is most often seen is through the difficulties with urination. That’s when a burning sensation or pain when you urinate, most likely think of being infected or vector-borne diseases, and not prostate cancer. Meanwhile, it is one of the symptoms of this terrible disease.

17. Blood in the urine or semen

Those men are still taught to pay attention to their urine, and the entire process as a whole, are aware of the danger of the presence of blood in it, but may not realize that when prostate cancer blood may appear in the semen. The problem with the blood and that it is poorly visible and can often appear only moderately pink (especially the first) hue urine or seminal fluid.

18. Erection problems

Since talking about this “shame”, many men cannot admit that they have problems with erection. Difficulties with erection are often a sign of other problems, but those “other” problems are not usually deadly. Unlike prostate cancer that can manifest itself in this way and takes away a huge number of lives each year.

19. Pressing pain in the hips and lower abdomen

Prostate cancer can manifest itself and how oppressive, gradually increasing pain in the thighs, loins, lower abdomen. It can also be a symptom of testicular cancer and, although in this case will be likely to hurt the scrotum or lower abdomen.