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Hard Sex

“There is a very fine line between pleasure and pain. Two sides of the same coin, they do not exist without each other” – Erika Leonard James

Do you know what is “Fifty shades of gray”? This is not your socks drying on a clothesline, but an erotic bestseller. Many modern men know what it is, and some even read it. An erotic novel written by British writer Erika Leonard James tells us about rough sex, sometimes even with the elements of BDSM. Now this book is a real bestseller among women. Rough sex is a new trend.

Globalization, the Internet and technology have increased the pace and intensity of life. The world is becoming faster, more energetic and uninhibited. This affects the relationship between man and woman, and their sexual relationships in particular. Sexual habits have changed. More and more people prefer something new instead of classical sex. The lovers escape from the dull sex fantasies towards active and violent games. Modern people like more active, rough and brutal sex. More than half of women are willing to be submissive or to dominate in bed.

Many modern women don’t consider a slow romantic sex to be their perfect sexual intercourse. Girls do not like to lie quietly on their back occasionally moaning. This is for older housewives, not young, active and temperamental girlfriends.

How to take her hard?

“I do not make love, I f*** … tough!” Erika Leonard James

Violent sex means tougher attitude to a partner. When you care less about feelings, but more focused on enjoying.

Undress her more rudely, take her clothes off fast, kiss her roughly, grab her ass, bite, pull her hair, do not ask permission.

Girls also show aggression in the brutal sex. They bite, scratch his back or slap him.

The rough sex is often accompanied with coarse, dirty and vulgar words.

Brutal sex and spanking
In adolescence we spanked our classmates and ran back home, in order to avoid the wrath of comely girl. Now girlfriend does not mind spanking her buttocks. Spanking shows us a part of animal sexual aggressiveness, what turns people on.

Try different ways of spanking. Spank your girlfriend slightly, but so she can feel it. This game penalty can turn her on. It is not the blow, but the expectation is the most Important in spanking. When a girl is waiting for your slap on her ass. This tension of waiting and a little funk can rock her emotionally. Spank her slowly and with a sense of total immersion in the process. These emotional experiences excite you and your girlfriend.

The victim and the aggressor in the brutal sex
The sex is often accompanied by cruel game and the situation, when people choose their role of victim and aggressor. Domination is a kind of hardcore sex. These games are very popular in the Asian porn. But how popular is it in the West? The words “Japanese porn” in a search engine are in the top 10 queries for adults. The most interesting thing is that this is true for both men and women.

Typically, the role allocated in such a way that she plays the role of the victim, while the man is the aggressor. But sometimes people change roles, which is a good shake for sexual relations. Domination sex involves a fine line of persistence and violence. Aggressor satisfy his desires with the help of the victim. The victim is physically forced to have sex, immobilized or tied. The victim can be surprised, frightened or caught off guard.  According to the in-approved framework, the aggressor can humiliate the victim and rape her. The emotional strain of this game allows you to get the strongest excitement and pleasure. The victim can ask for mercy, tremble with fear and simulate the resistance.

Brutal sex and sex toys
The ill-sex couples like to use a variety of items from a sex shop. It can be whips, paddles, stacks, nipple clamps, penis rings, pendants, masks, gags, collars, handcuffs and BDSM clothing.

Various sex toys will add some realism and deliver a pleasant pain in sex. Leather whips, clamps, and other forms of sexual “punishment” may wake up the most unpredictable feelings and sensations. In anticipation of their fate and the pain the victim as well as the aggressor will turn on.
Vice and lust rule in sex. Stop calling sex making love. Girls now do not like vanilla sex, but prefer brutal sex.