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Black Or Brown Shoes?

Before the beginning of the thirties of the last century, the question of choosing between black and brown boots was not in principle. It was an axiom steadfast that in combination with the suit, men’s shoes must be black. The suit’s tone didn’t matter – black, gray or dark blue: shoes always had a black color in this combination. Only in the third decade of the twentieth century, when the technology of leather shoes production has reached a new level, and let the brown skin to look as smart and presentable as black, the audience was pleased with the brown men’s shoes as it was a decent alternative.

Modern men’s fashion allows us to use a much wider range of colors in our everyday wardrobe. In addition to the above-mentioned colors, any shoe manufacturer has in its product range (especially if we are talking about spring and summer shoes) virtually any color, including red, green and others. However, the most versatile are black or brown shoes.

There is a deep-rooted stereotype that there is nothing better and more functional than black. Brown shoes are not so common for various reasons: it is difficult to combine with the top, quickly gets dirty. Meanwhile, these arguments need to be tested and on closer inspection, lose all credibility.

If you can afford to have only one pair, perhaps it makes sense to buy the black one.

However, once you are ready you will expand your arsenal, pay close attention to the models of brown shades. Believe me, they are more interesting, more fun and more appropriate in many situations.

If we talk about the European countries, in particular of Italy, black shoes are not in vogue. They wear it mainly for official events.


There are a few situations when you do not have to choose between black and brown boots. The first is for the official events such as weddings or funerals.

Also, a strict dress code at work (eg, if you work in a bank) will not allow you to wear brown shoes. Thus, the black suit – black shoes.

It would seem that this inviolable rule cannot be broken, but if the situation allows, dark brown color shoes would look wine with a black suit.

As for jeans, and its combinations with the shoes, then brown will again be a great choice. Even with black jeans, contrary to popular belief, it will look great. Just try to choose a darker shade.

Average blue jeans will look great with brown shoes of any shade, even if there is a black coat on top.

Now we come to another question, which cannot be avoided – shades of brown. As you know, the spread is rather large, and in each case we have to think about the harmony of a particular color in combination with other garments, such as trousers. It is not very difficult.

For example, if you are wearing a gray suit and gray trousers of wool, then the shade of gray is important. If the pants are dark gray, then black boots will be the right choice. However, if you chose the brown, then let it be dark brown.

Light brown shoes look good with light-gray trousers, especially if you think about the right combination of shoes and accessories such as belt. It is important to consider the color. Do not try to wear a watch with a deep brown color leather bracelet with black belt, and caramel color shoes. This does not work.

Despite the fact that the gray suit is quite popular, navy took an even greater share of the total number of those who wear it. Therefore, our theme is particularly relevant here. Again, if you are not constrained by a business dress code, brown boots will remarkably fit into the ensemble.


So, what to buy to diversify your business style or a smart-casual, black or brown shoes? It is for you to decide. Do this without looking at the hardened, possibly erroneous views. Be flexible. Moreover, the expression “brown – is the new black” has long won recognition.

The result was a bit one-sided post – a sort of ode to brown. But look at this issue from the point of view of novelty in your life, the philosophy of «open mind». Perhaps changing your style, you change your life?