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Baldness In Men: What Not To Do

Although hair loss is not a dangerous disease, many men dream to get rid of it. Sociologists even say that baldness is the second most important problem of the male population in developed countries. Perhaps that is why it is in this region, there are a great variety of different-sized charlatans. Meanwhile, male pattern baldness treatments, which are really able to help excist. They are called finasteride (oral) and minoxidil, which should be applied to the skin directly.

And now, 5 simple rules about how you should not try to treat baldness.

1. It does not make sense to apply to the numerous tricology clinics or to private trichologist. Currently science can offer no means other than the above-mentioned finasteride and minoxidil. Trichologists will suggest you to use these. But, as their main task is to drain as much money as possible from each customer, the needed drugs won’t be suggested immediately. Prearrange a simulation of serious, costly research, then follow harmless (except for their high price), but absolutely useless treatments such as massage by some peculiar ancient Indian method of heating or special light (from conventional incandescent lamps). Then it’s time for “innovative” or vice versa, “ancient” means. Ultimately, you will be assigned the mentioned above products, which will give effect.

2. Forget about extraordinary means, “healers,” sorcerers, witches, and other charlatans. This is a waste of time and useless effort, when referring to the fraudsters. If it really happened, that the hair follicles began to deteriorate and die, then neither the cucumber pickle, nor boiled burdock, onion or oil will not help here.

3. Advertising as we all know, considerably stretching the truth. So, shampoo and conditioner will fulfill the main purpose: to help clean up the head and the rest of the hair. But shampoos suppressing DHT, which is the cause of alopecia do not exist. Therefore, no hygienic means can  treat baldness, so try to avoid commercials.

4. Leave the hope to pass the course and forget about the problem. If you want to keep the hair on the head, then swallow the drug finasteride and rub minoxidil in the head daily or for the rest of your life or until the presence of hair on your head will be no longer important for you. Any break will almost immediately worsen the condition of hair.

5. And the last thing. The network is simply full of fake “experts” on any issues, including for the treatment of baldness. These are the same charlatans, as well as other “magicians”, “white witches”, etc.

Remember, baldness has only two tools that have proven in practice to be effective, it is – minoxidil and finasteride.