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As on the Screen

As on the screen: the heroes of series from which  you should learn how to dress

Series virtually replaced movies and books. They take away the best days, months and years of our lives. How often do you want to watch a maximum of two series and understand that you need to go to work only with the sunrise? We decided to help you to extract at least some benefit from watching season after season and wrote about three of the series, the characters of which can be called style icons.

Peaky blinders

Released in 2013, the series is dedicated to a very difficult life of a gang from Birmingham in the 20s of the last century. Atmospheric shooting of British slums, dashing plot and severe charisma of the protagonist (Cillian Murphy) are just a few reasons to watch it episode by episode. It seems like two epochs were mixed up – the period after the First World War and our time. 20s a represented by the open-top cars and luxury racecourses, and modernity is reflected in the soundtrack composed of songs of Nick Cave, The White Stripes and Arctic Monkeys. The characters’ clothing refers to both epochs at once – costumes would look appropriate on the streets of England at the beginning of the XX century as well as in the blog of some streatstyle photographer. Based on the series, Birmingham thugs obey the rules of the secret, but severe dress code which strictly suggested the following elements:

Strict suit and white shirt

Strict suit unites Shelbi Thomas  and his main opponent Inspector Campbell. Both characters prefer tweed, solid and water-resistant wool fabric suitable for the harsh British climate. The antagonists are always dressed well, but if the inspector never abandons his tie, Tommy often goes without it. He wears  a shirt with a rounded collar instead.

Well, it is not comfortable to run away from the police in these. But before the invention of shoes, the bandits had to be content with what they had. Losing speed, gang members have gained in elegance. High boots look more impressive and frightening than their lower counterparts, and also better suited for dirt of British roads. Such high boots are not cheap, but they will serve you for many years.

In the end of XIX century in England, newsboys wore something like this. Bandits of Peaky Blinders made caps a part of their uniform, and found it to be a very practical accessory to use. There are sharp razor blades sewn in the visors of their caps, which gang members used from time to time. This item writers borrowed from a real British bands of the 1920s, named “Sharp visors.”

“Sharp visors” never abandon impeccable suits, what helps them look decent even in the most difficult situations. You follow their example.



The series is about a cunning serial killer, a psychoanalyst, whose name suggests a very unhealthy hobby, based on the novels of Thomas Harris. Unlike the book, serial Dr. Lecter is not limited to a prison jumpsuit. Hannibal always has an impeccable style, so looking at his cashmere sweaters and leather chairs in the room, you involuntarily begin to think about a career of maniac. Dr. Lecter played by Mads Mikkelsen prefers formal clothes and only occasionally refuses of three-piece suit. The appearance of Hannibal informs attentive observers that you are looking at a strong and important person with some archaic, but a consistent sense of style. Firstly, while remaining within the overall neutral blue and brown palette, Hannibal is not afraid of the costumes of irregular tissue: his favorite pattern is a large cell.
Large cell

Such a pattern attracts attention and points to the conservatism of some of its owners, recalling the times when such suits were the prerogative of the aristocrats. You can buy such a jacket in any store. If you dare to this risky act, we recommend you to combine the jacket with simple self-colored pants and shirts.

Hannibal knows a lot about suiting. In the intro he is dressed in a jacket of a saturated dark-blue velvet. Wearing things made of this textured and not the most popular material is not easy. But Dr. Lecter copes with this task, complementing the discreet jacket with striped shirt and  monotonous tie.

Lecter’s jackets feature a wide lapels, which rarely occur in the current models. Such lapels again complemented by the widely spaced wings on the collars of shirts and bulky ties. Lecter’s ties are  always combined with a breastplate with a handkerchief, which is in harmony with a tie, but not repeating its coloring.

The second hero of the series is an FBI consultant Will Graham, which differs from aesthetic Hannibal. He does not look so impressive and prefers to communicate with people fishing and walking the dog, so that his wardrobe is made up of things that can be put on heading to the FBI office as well as on a walk through the woods. If Hannibal is fond of plaid suits, Will prefers checkered shirts, warm flannels, and jackets similar to the famous Army model M65.
Клетчатые же рубашки из теплой и немнущейся фланели, и куртки, похожие на знаменитую армейскую модель M65
In contrast to the polished shoes of Dr. Lecter, he wears a dusty shoes with a powerful heel.

The American company Alpha Industries, which specializes in clothing for the military makes jackets that Will wears. Alden  is making shoes, in which you can go on the hunt, and then to read a lecture to students about the very dangerous maniacs.

We should learn from the manner of Hannibal to think about clothes as an ensemble in which parts complement each other, and do not be afraid to dress like an archaic gentleman. Will also demonstrates how to choose clothes for both city and nature and look great.

Californication / Californication
Вельветовый пиджак
The series about LA charming writer concludes our short review. Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny, unlike other articles heroes is not one of those who will carefully select a scarf according to tie or button the white shirt. Most of the screen time his outfit is terribly simple: sunglasses, a black T-shirt, dark blue jeans and massive Timberland boots that the hero apparently chooses to avoid unnecessary trouble with laces. This model can be easily found on the official website of the company. Sometimes he wears a leather jacket, and he has a blue shirt for special occasions. Etro offers a similar model.

Why have we included him in this collection? Because heroes who prefer distinctly relaxed style sometimes looks no worse than their counterparts in immaculate suits. Persistent aversion to neckties and tucked shirts give some bad-boy charm to the hero of David Duchovny. So his unwillingness to follow the fashion becomes a position, refusal to play by the imposed rules. Careless macho impresses the girls, so they often prefer Hank instead of heroes dressed in expensive suits.

Sometimes you can be stylish without making any effort. If you are confident in your irresistible charm, then sunglasses, a black T-shirt and dark jeans are a good choice.