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A new Rolex boutique in Monaco

Today it became known that the Rolex company has opened another boutique in Monaco. It is interesting that the determining factor in the creation of an interior was the location of the building. New Rolex boutique was decorated in the “yachting” style, which emphasizes the link between watch manufacture Rolex and yachting.


The floor reminds the ship’s deck and the walls were decorated with installations on the marine theme. And one of the walls was done in the form of a huge white sails. The new store offers all the most famous models of the watch company. In addition, you can buy there the legendary Rolex Deepsea. This model has not only become a living legend, symbolizing leadership in the field of Rolex timepieces with high water resistance, but also became an occasion for the emergence of an experimental model of Rolex Deepsea Challenge, which had been adorning the wrist of James Cameron during his dive to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.


At the opening ceremony of the store we could see Prince Albert II, Philip Schaefer, who served as director of the French representation of the Rolex company, Bernard D’Alessandro, who is the director of the Yacht Club de Monaco, and many other high-ranking persons. The owners of the new boutique became Tina Zegg Cherlati and Carlo Cerlati.