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5 Working Methods to Pick Up a Girl

It is not difficult to find a bunch of tips on how to get acquainted with the girls, what phrases to use at the first meeting. However, the majority of those tips is sheer banality, excessive pretentiousness and hackneyed tricks, but not intelligent, original ways to pick up a girl.

In this article, you will not find tips like “do not worry and behave calmly”, “pick the right time”, “failure is not a reason to be upset,” – all these phrases force us to remember Captain Obvious.
Techniques such as “check out my car”, “can you please tell me what time it is, cause I lost my Rolex” will probably work with a certain category of women. But do you need those?
Let us take a closer look on the situations and phrases that will really help.

1. “Can you please help to choose?”

Ask the girl to help you with the choice of clothing in the store. Firstly, it is her area, and secondly, it will flatter a trust, and she will be sure that no one but she will help you. Agree with her choice, praise, and ask for a number for the “future shopping.”

2. “Nurse! Nurse!”

Seeing a passing girl, pretend that you are not feeling well. Ask her for help, ask for a ride to the hospital as an option. All girls are also expectant mothers and full of empathy.

Don’t waste time – ask her number and tell her you want to meet her in order to thank. Do not turn into a healthy man in the middle of the road – cheating will turn against you and will make her angry about it. Play the role until the end.

3. “Take a picture of us”

Ask the girl to take a picture with a friend. Then ask to be photographed with her, because she is so beautiful. It is unlikely that she will refuse. Take her number or email, promising to throw pictures. Always do that as honesty is your trump card. Then develop a conversation and invite her to the next photo shoot.

4. “Let me be honest with you”

Tell her that the bet was to start a conversation with a beautiful girl. The dark side of this trick – ask her to help you with the bet, saying that she can have a half of money (as in the “The Guardian” film with Ashton Kutcher, where this method of dating has led to intimacy).

5. “The mystery”

Every girl is a heroine of the novel somewhere deep inside. You  can silently and surreptitiously give her a piece of paper with your number and the words “Call me!” At least every second will call. Firstly, all the curious, and secondly, she asks herself why it was she. The atmosphere of mystery will ignite her imagination. This trick really works in almost 60% of cases.


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