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5 Tips To Help You Choose A Men’s Watch

In the modern world watch is not only an instrument to measure time, but also a stylish accessory that emphasizes the image and social status of the owner. The watch can tell a lot about a person. Not to be trapped there is a question: how to choose a men’s watch?

How to choose a man watch: nuances.

1. The reason of a purchase
Choosing of wristwatch is very delicate, because, first of all appearance and watch draw someone’s attention. Before you make a purchase, you need to decide why do you need a wristwatch? Will it complement business suit or simply play the role of the status trifle, whether it is needed for sports or a watch should emphasize a solid position in society.

2. Your appearance  and a watch.
Choose a timepiece with a normally sized watch case. For a conventional yet stylish men’s watch, you’ll want one that is: diameter of 37 to 42 millimeters and thickness less than 15 millimeters. Choose a watch that easily fits under the cuff of a long sleeved dress shirt. Also try to avoid flashy watches. And coordinate your watch color with your clothing and other accessories.

3. The price.
The next item in the choice of watch is its price. Prestige and quality watches are not cheap, and if a watch is also an accessory for receptions in high society, the price for them is very solid. The most prestigious Swiss timepieces are watches from such brands as Ulysse Nardin, Rolex, Rado, Patek Philippe. So, you made the choice in favor of the particular brand. How to choose a Swiss watch?

4. Originality of a watch.
The primary showing that caliber (movement) is created in the workshops of the Swiss watch manufactures is the inscription on the back of the bezel (case) Swiss Made or simply Swiss. This stigma is a kind of quality mark. Real Swiss watches necessarily included a special certificate, which indicates that the mechanism is assembled in Switzerland but not in another country. In addition, in the same document states that the qualities control made by Swiss craftsmen.
Despite the high price, the demand for prestigious manufactures’ watch is very high, and often fake watches set up for real timepieces. Fake watch easily identified by inscriptions such as SwissQuartz, SwissMovement and other variants.

Every Swiss watch manufacture incline to a particular specialization and focuses on certain features, such as water resistance, inaccuracy correction, tourbillon (a mechanism that compensates the natural gravity of the Earth), increased power reserve, perpetual calendar, unique design, etc.

5. Where men buy a watch.
When you’ve chosen what brand and model you need it’s time to decide where to buy it. Undoubtedly, the best choice, service and price will be in brand boutiques and multibrand watch stores.

It is a pity but real luxury brand watches sometimes are too expensive and not everyone can buy an original model of expensive watches. What should you do in that case? In any case, do not buy a fake just because it is cheaper than a real watch. Fake watches will be immediately recognized. The poor quality of polishing, roughly made hour markers and curved arrows, volume will betray the fake. But there is a very acceptable alternative – pre-owned watches. You get high-quality luxury watch for less money. As a rule, the brand watches don’t lose their visual attractiveness even after several years of use.