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5 Attributes of a Modern Businessman

Here are some basic techniques that will help the man not only to create a stylish image, but also to achieve business goals as soon as possible.

It is hard to find a man who agrees to be unoriginal, obey the rules of etiquette and stick to a dress code. Modern society dictates freedom in the manifestations of personality in business.

Even more often you can find a businessman in the style of “free Friday” on Monday. Different events require a dress code, and it is hard to stand out attending some of them. But at the same time  it is very necessary in order to achieve business goals. The details and non-standard parts of the image form an impression and often cause more interest to the person.

Such unusual methods can help you find a contact during negotiations, extend concentration on the words during your speech. After all, a person perceives another person through his appearance and subconsciously fixes some of its alleged strengths or weaknesses.

We all judge by appearance without even thinking about it. We constantly meet people and catch ourselves thinking that somehow someone is pleasant to us, someone is not, someone is in doubt. It is necessary to consider that many people build their image appealing to stylists and image makers. After all, you trust your hair to the hairdresser, teeth to the dentist, the image to the image-maker. He picks up a way to influence the appearance, which is the most profitable way to influence the achievement of your goals.

Let’s consider the most relevant attributes of the image of a modern businessman, the techniques of style, which can be used to be an individual in any situation.



The bristle is a common attribute of politicians and businessmen. The modern fashion  trends allow to grow a beard even up to 5 cm in length. This hair length is appropriate and convenient for the majority of men. Almost any beard adds solidity and confidence. Sometimes beard can hide wrinkles (if thick), so your reaction to the conversation becomes more restrained, you’ll be able to control emotions. A man with a beard wearing a suit looks obviously solid, with a higher status, and even older. This can be used if your partner is older than you. The beard is a great solution for people who have a round face, because applying a beard you can adjust the shape of the head, make it look slimmer.

Shaved parting


Asymmetrical haircut made by parting the hair is one of the freshest trends. This touch of modernity will look good on people with normal or large constitution. This tool has a huge impact on the perception of others. It highlights accuracy, meticulousness and attention to detail of its owner. It is difficult to lie to such a person at the meeting, he seems to be very careful and picky. The asymmetry of a haircut is very modern, so sometimes causes a strange impression among conservatives. Just keep it in mind.



This hidden element of the wardrobe is now important to allocate. The idea is that the socks were not monochromatic. Drawings and small prints are very relevant. A businessman wearing custom socks with the classic suit causes a genuine interest to his person. This especially works well during long conversations, discussions and negotiations. When partners get tired their eyes are lowered, observing your non-standard type of socks. This trick can once again focus them on the subject. So it is a way to pick up a cheerful spirit during boring meetings.



This accessory is able to adjust the shape of the face, but it is important not to use a very large frames, as they deform proportion. This technique gives a person courage and adds a sense of creativity in approach in business communication. Remember: a man with glasses need to talk about the case more than others, as glasses some kind of distance the speaker from the audience. Also, there is a stereotype that glasses add a sense of wisdom. Now men’s fashion emphasis on black-rimmed plastic. Of course, sunglasses also affect the perception of the whole image and give mystique style.

Bracelets, watches


Such accessories are very popular among men who gesticulate a lot when talking. Sometimes they can be very provocative. Such as sports watches under a business suit or classical watch in combination with metal bracelet. Such methods are useful for people who want to cause a feeling of frank conversation. As if to signal that I’m being relaxed as a day off, I have nothing to hide.

As the practice shows the use of the right image is very helpful for business.