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4 Tanning Myths

Summer time is when people are already swimming, sunbathing and relaxing on the beaches. What could be nicer than to lie on the warm sand, then plunge into the cool water, and then take a sun bath? But there is no way it is all harmless in this picture, as the sun’s rays can cause great harm to your health. Therefore, the sunbathing must be approached with the utmost seriousness. We will tell you about the four major myths about the tan.

Myth №1: Tanned skin doesn’t afraid of the sun
This is a misconception. Tan is known to be a protective reaction of the skin to the sun’s rays, respectively, it can be helpful. Even the tanned skin can burn in the sun. Therefore, remember: the more you sunbathe, the more expose your skin to harmful sun rays and it may result in the premature aging of the skin and also such a terrible disease like cancer.

Myth №2: It is possible to burn only in direct sunlight and only in clear weather
Wrong again! In fact, the sun has a negative effect on the skin, indirect rays may be harmful as well. Therefore, even if you’re driving a car with tinted windows – you will still be affected by the harmful effects of the sun. When it is cloudy, about 40% of the solar radiation reaches the Earth’s surface and cause damage to you. That’s why the chances of burn on a cloudy day are also very high.

Myth №3: Sunscreens fully protect the skin from harmful sun
That is not correct. No cream can catch or reflect  100% UV-radiation to provide a full protection to your skin. When choosing a sunscreen, give preference to those, which protect from both UV A and B. Also, use creams with a high degree of protection. Sunscreen protects your skin only the first 2 hours, so it is important to re-apply the cream.

Myth №4: Sunscreens trigger vitamin D deficiency
Very controversial. In the scientific world, this point view is not one hundred percent confirmed. People receive a sufficient dose of vitamin D even in the spring. But if you still think that there is a lack of this vitamin in your body, you can consume these foods and drinks:, sardines, tuna, trout, eggs, salmon, herring, liver, orange juice, cow’s milk.