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10 Ways to Get Rid of Fatigue

How not to fall from exhaustion in the evening? Do you sleep on the go? Are you not in a good shape, feel tired and have no energy? Check out some effective methods to cheer up and get in shape.

1. Use less electronics and rest more from the Internet
There is statistics that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS for short) affects about 20 million people on the planet. And while scientists continue to study the disease and to argue if we can consider CFS a viral infection, or some sort of genetic disorders (found at least seven different genetic variants of CFS), do not panic suspecting its symptoms. According to the observations of the British scientists, chronic fatigue syndrome, which is suspected in their patients actually turns out to be false in four cases out of five. And the fact that they are prone to apathy, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, blame the so-called “e-fatigue”.

You should stop spending free time on Facebook, forums, and surfing the Internet to feel better. Council of physicians: turn off all electronic devices a minimum of 2-3 hours before bedtime, and declare at least one day off free from the Internet (it is best to spend it in nature).

2. An urgent need to cheer up? Take a shower!
It is best to take a cool or contrast shower, it can be taken in the morning and early evening, if you are waiting for a full program. But not before bedtime, otherwise you will face insomnia.

3. Engage the energy spots
Reflexology is a great way to reduce fatigue, Shiatsu massage will come in handy, reducing the movement of energy. Also, you can try its “relative” – ​​Amma massage, which is loved by Japanese businessmen to reduce fatigue after work. Thai foot massage is also great. The simplest self-massage can be done by massaging spots on both sides of the nail, near the nail holes (on both hands for 2-3 minutes, pressing on the spots with thumb or forefinger). Any anti-stress massage will be useful, it is desirable with elements of acupuncture.

4. Take multivitamins
The feeling of constant fatigue and weakness can also be caused by vitamin and mineral “starvation,” especially when it comes to a lack of vitamin A, B vitamins and the E, iron, iodine, zinc, selenium and magnesium. Scientists believe that  those people are on a diet get tired faster. So be careful with strict diets.

“Vitamins and minerals are involved in the assimilation of other nutrients and regulation of all vital functions of the body. Sleep disorders, anxiety, depression and irritability may be signs of a lack of B vitamins. Muscle weakness is a sign of lack of vitamin A.

5. Drink cocoa and eat dark chocolate
Cocoa beans are an excellent source of the amino acid tryptophan, essential for the synthesis of serotonin: the lack of “happiness hormone” can cause fatigue and depression. The theobromine present in cocoa beans is a caffeine analogue having invigorating effect. Chocolate also contains glucose needed for energy supply. But scientists from the Hull York Medical School believe that chocolate can be a good tool in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome: the volunteers who participated in the study ate 15 grams of dark chocolate three times a day have noted a significant improvement in health.

6. Control your insulin
Keep in mind that sweets eaten on an empty stomach can cause only a temporary burst of energy followed by extreme fatigue and weakness in 20-30 minutes. The sharp rise of sugar level in blood causes the active insulin production, carbohydrates are digested quickly and then the sugar level drops sharply, and our energy decrease with it. Therefore, give preference to slowly digestible carbohydrates!

7. Do not force the body
Live in accordance with its biorhythms. If the body needs 8-9 hours of recovery – do not force it, do not skimp on sleep. Chronic lack of sleep will make you tired all day long. In addition, most of our biorhythms are arranged so that the periods of mental and physical activity are interspersed with short periods of “downs”, advancing every 1.5-2 hours, it is when fatigue comes. Do not resist: it is a signal to relax, take a break, take a walk or have a cup of tea.

8. Do not suppress a yawn
Always yawn If you want to. According to many scientists, yawning helps the body to remove internal stress and shake off fatigue. For example, psychologists at the University of New York at Albany  believe that yawning occurs when the body turns on a natural “function” of self-cooling of the brain cells: the flow of blood, oxygen and cooler air improves the performance of its cells .

9. Breathe in deeply and spend more time in nature
Very often you fail to cope with fatigue due to the fact that brain cells suffer from a lack of oxygen. It is especially actual for residents of large cities, experiencing constant oxidative stress. And if the person also smokes – oxygen starvation problem is compounded because of the constant narrowing of blood vessels and the deterioration of the blood supply to the tissues. Many doctors consider that asthenia (from the Greek astheneia – weakness, impotence) is a stable, substantially constant weakness, which does not pass even after a long rest. It is a constant companion of smokers.

10. Fitness
Swim in the pool, engage in jogging in the morning or in the evening. Fatigue will be felt far less after exercises and production of stress hormones cortisol and ghrelin will be reduced. Do yoga, stretching, and other callanetics relaxing fitness. As proved by scientists from the King’s London College, an active lifestyle and fitness help to significantly reduce the severity of symptoms in case of chronic fatigue syndrome. Moreover, even completely healthy people can feel fatigue and weakness due untrained cardiovascular system.

Use these tips to deal with fatigue and weakness. Remember that your body is your temple, in which you have to live your life. Condition of this temple depends entirely on you, so don’t hesitate to improve your health.