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10 Stylish Things Every Man Should Have

We talked with the American stylists, and came to the conclusion that every man’s wardrobe should include these 10 things.

Stylish man is not only the one who dresses well. Yet it is the one who has these must have stuff in his wardrobe.

Dark blazer


“Every guy must have a blazer a tone darker than the color of his hair. Although the espresso, olive, charcoal or chestnut color blazers are in trend today. Choose the one you like and wear it with pleasure”- says David Zaila American stylist and owner of the “Emmy Award “.



“A pair of quality blue jeans will never be superfluous. They can be worn with a shirt, jacket, almost everything that is in your wardrobe “- says Idan McDonald, fashion expert and the owner of a boutique in Los Angeles.

“Coat is your way to turn yourself into a cold-blooded Cary Grant. It is also a universal thing, it can be worn over anything, even hooded sweatshirts “- says Gad Kouin, a stylist who works with Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair.

“Good shoes evidence your good taste. They should always be kept clean and tidy as your face “- says Neeson McGary stylist who worked on the appearance of Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise.

“This model of shoes without laces, is shaped like a moccasin, but differ in the presence of a wide sole and low heel. They are suitable with blazers, jeans, chinos. If you have an oval face you should buy Loafers with oval toes. Men with the angular lines of the face should pay attention to the shoes with pointed toes. The color of shoes should be darker than your hair in order to create a harmonious look”- says Zaila.

Wool coat
wool coat
“Suitable for use in events for which a tuxedo with a cloak is too formal, and a leather jacket will not work as well. For example: to meet her parents, or to go to the store”- MacDonald.

Nice watches
“Stylish watch is an essential touch of style to your appearance. You do not have to purchase expensive. Once in a lifetime spend from $ 500 to $ 1,000, and wear it as long as you want”- advises Lacey Kirby Caldwell, a stylist from Los Angeles. However, if you can afford a Rolex it whould be an advantage.

Good belt
“Pick the belt color according to your watch’s strap color. If the strap is metal, then let the belt be darker than your hair”- Zaila.

The fitted suit
“This is a must have for men, as the little black dress must have for women. It was designed for ceremonies, parties, business meetings, etc.”- says stylist Chris Lowe.

Brown shirt
“The brown shirt should be in your wardrobe as well. It will suit to your blue jeans. I am sure you have enough of these in your wardrobe”- says MacDonald.