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10 Signs She Faked Her Orgasm

Women imitate orgasm mainly for humane reasons. In order not to let a man doubt about his skills in bed. Sometimes these fakes are performed on a completely virtuoso level. However, even the most skillful simulation can be recognized.

1. The Voice
The most common fake orgasm in bed is the screams and moans of pleasure. Knowing how it turns us on, many women consider it as their duty in bed, regardless of whether they feel the approach of orgasm or not. Men encouraged by such vocal support are always happy to accept such an eloquent proof of their skills. However, if the girl moans monotonous and sounds more like time signals, but not the wild cries of the jungle inhabitants, it is most likely you were at a solo concert, which was dedicated to you. It does not matter if it is two in the morning and all of your neighbors can hear it.

What to do: use the rhythm of screams and penetrate as deeply as possible in those moments, when she groans. If everything is done correctly, she will soon scream quite differently.

2. Breathing exercises
If you are absolutely sure that she is thrilled for you, but you notice that she is breathing as if she was sleeping – measured and even, it means that something wrong with such an orgasm. All should be the opposite: excited woman breathes noisily, deeply and haltingly, as if after the hundred-meter race.

What to do: distract a bit from the reciprocating motion and start kissing her gently, sensuously caress her neck and shoulders down to her breasts.

3. Compelling evidence
Orgasm is accompanied by a number of physiological characteristics that are clearly described in the medical literature. Namely: woman at the peak of excitement closes her eyes, throws her head back and arches her neck. She has a rush of blood to the face, resulting in slight blush. Sometimes the mouth is curved as while acute pain, the pupils constrict. If you have not noticed any of these symptoms, but she still insists that she has an orgasm, it is likely she makes a fool of you (not in an offensive way though).

What to do: most women experience orgasms regularly due to the stimulation of the clitoris. Turn to this end to end, not stopping doing your business with her vagina.

4. Knocking on Heaven’s door
When you’re in, and she has an orgasm, you will surely feel at least a fleeting, but a distinct reduction of the vaginal walls. In successful cases, it is accompanied by jerking of the arms and legs. If you did not notice anything stated above, then you probably couldn’t make it.

What to do: choose the most convenient position for both of you. Go all the way when penetrate. Alternate this tactic with a series of strong, crucial frictions, which should be carried out while you are inside. Usually, the results of such a deep drilling occur within one or two minutes.

5. Interrogation
When a woman has not experienced, but simulated the orgasm, she won’t ever say this to you. Therefore, if you want to ask her about what she likes most and how she would like it to be done, then – it is desirable to do it at the stage of foreplay. If this is your new girlfriend and you are going to have sex with her for the first time, this information will be very useful. Some people like it when it happens quickly and forcefully, and sometimes in it takes at least half an hour of slow and gentle sex in order to reach orgasm.

What to do: the main thing is not to turn this conversation into an interrogation or exam. Do not wheeze angrily: “Look at me, girl! Answer me, which breast is more sensitive?!” Try to ferret out her secrets without pressure.

Only 30% of women are able to have an orgasm from vaginal sex!

6. The right positioning
If she comes on a regular basis each time regardless of position, she is likely to faking it. Only 30% of women are able to orgasm from vaginal sex without additional stimulation. So it is not very humanely to make love standing or “doggy-style”, when you do not touch her clitoris.

What to do: Use your hands or vibrator. Don’t forget about synchronizing both rhythms – frictions and clitoral stimulation. If you accelerate, accelerate in all directions.

7. Excessive rush
If after sex she flies like a bullet to the bathroom or immediately goes to smoke, it seems like she didn’t receive any pleasure. If a woman has an orgasm, she will need at least a couple of minutes to recover and get back on her feet. One of the most tragic disappointments, which a woman can experience during sex is when you suddenly became soft and calmed down right before the finish when she was about to come. Therefore, if you feel the approach of orgasm, but you know it is too early, it is better to come out of her.

What to do: Keep exciting her in every possible way, so that later, when she is already close to orgasm, go all the way and try to come at the same time.